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About the CRNFA Professional Portfolio

CRNFA certification is achieved by satisfactorily completing the CRNFA Professional Portfolio.

The CRNFA Professional Portfolio consists of three studies:

  1. Clinical Case Study
    a. Preoperative
    b. Intraoperative
    c. Postoperative
  2. Workplace Safety Study
  3. Professional Practice Study

NASC will provide each candidate with detailed instructions for completing each study in the portfolio. Each candidate will select a start date to begin working on the portfolio activities. The selected start date must be within six months from the date the application is accepted. Candidates must submit the completed portfolio within 60 days of the selected start date.

CRNFA Professional Portfolio Development

Three committees, each consisting of active and emeritus CRNFAs, developed the initial CRNFA portfolio. The activities comprising the portfolio are based on the CRNFA Job Analysis conducted by an appointed task force in September 2019. The portfolio is designed to assess the knowledge and skills of an RNFA with 2,000 hours of clinical practice.

NASC has conducted pilot and beta testing of the CRNFA portfolio. Responses and feedback from the CRNFA-eligible volunteers who participated in the testing were used to refine the portfolio and to develop the scoring rubrics for the portfolio.

CRNFA Professional Portfolio Evaluation

Two or three experienced CRNFAs will evaluate and score each portfolio submission. The evaluation process will be double-blind, meaning that candidates will not know who evaluated their portfolio, and evaluators will not know the identity of the candidate. Applicants whose portfolio submissions do not earn a passing score will be given the opportunity to appeal.