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Updated November 11, 2020

CRNFA Professional Portfolio

What is the CRNFA Professional Portfolio?
The CRNFA Professional Portfolio is the new certification method for CRNFA certification. It allows the RNFA to demonstrate their knowledge and skills as an RNFA without sitting for a high-stakes exam.

What will happen to the CRNFA exam?
The exam will be discontinued at the end of 2020. The last day to apply for the exam is October 31, 2020 and the last day to sit for the exam is December 31, 2020.

Why is the exam being discontinued?
Our accreditation requires that we periodically reevaluate every question on the exam, and the CRNFA exam was due for this reevaluation process. We determined that the time, expense, and the effort required by volunteer committees would be better spent in upgrading the certification method to the professional portfolio.

Will I enjoy completing the portfolio?
We hope so! We are concluding a pilot test of the portfolio, and the response from the pilot testers has been overwhelmingly positive.

When can I apply to become CRNFA certified by completing the professional portfolio?
You can work on your online application now. The first day to submit your completed application will be February 1, 2021.

I have been certified for years. Will this affect my recertification?
The vast majority of active CRNFAs recertify by contact hours or points. Those methods have not changed. The last day to apply for recertification by exam was October 31, 2020.

Transition of CRNFA to NASC

My facility does not recognize NASC as the certification organization for CRNFA. Do you have any documentation showing that CRNFA was transferred from CCI to NASC?
Yes. Please refer to this joint letter from CCI and NASC regarding the transition. CCI_NASC Letter

What if my facility still has questions?
They can call (866) 681-6272or they can email NASC at

Logging into your NASC account

How do I log into my NASC account?
Go to our website at and click the Login link at the top of the page.
If you are an existing RNAS-C or CRNFA certificant: You already have an account using the email address we have on file for you. Click the orange “Request a Password” button to set your password.
If you are a new RNAS-C or CRNFA applicant: Click the orange “Register as an Applicant” button to create an account.

Can I print my RNAS-C or CRNFA certificate?
Yes. Log into your account and click the “My Account” link at the top of the page. On your account page, click “Download Certificate”

Can I complete my certification or recertification application online?
Yes. When you log into your account, you will have the option to work on your application. Your application will be automatically saved when you log out.

Logging your contact hours (CEUS)

Can I enter my contact hours on the NASC website?
Yes. Go to our website at and click the Login link at the top of the page.

What happened to the CEUs that I had entered on the CCI Website?
All of the CEUs from the CCI website were migrated to the NASC Website in April, 2019. You should see them when you log into your NASC account.

If I continue to enter my CEUs on the CCI website will they be transferred over?
No. You should be entering your CEUs only on the NASC website.

Do I need to upload the certificates when I log my CEUs?
Not unless your application is randomly selected for audit. However, we recommend uploading your certificates as you go. They will be stored in your Library, and can be accessed any time. If your application is selected for audit, the uploads will already be completed.

Will my AORN contact hours automatically show up on the NASC website?
No, we don’t have that functionality. However, you can log all of your AORN hours in one entry by attaching your AORN transcript. You do not need to enter each AORN activity separately.

Dual CNOR/CRNFA credential

I hold the dual CNOR/CRNFA credential. Will CCI still administer my CNOR credential?
If you hold the dual CNOR/CRNFA credential you will complete your CRNFA recertification application through NASC. Upon successful recertification of your CRNFA credential through NASC, your CNOR will also be renewed through CCI with no requirement of additional renewal fees or paperwork.

I hold the dual CNOR/CRNFA credential. How do I apply for Emeritus Status?
Nurses wishing to retire their CRNFA/CNOR credential will need to apply for Emeritus Status for each credential individually. You may apply for Emeritus status of your CRNFA through NASC, and Emeritus status of your CNOR through CCI.

I hold the dual CNOR/CRNFA(E) credential. Do I renew my CNOR through NASC or CCI?
Nurses who hold CNRFA Emeritus status and wish to renew their CNOR credential will need to apply for recertification through CCI. CCI will remain the credentialing body for the CNOR credential.

I hold the CRNFA(E) or CNOR(E)/CRNFA(E) credential. Does this affect me?
If you have previously earned Emeritus status, you do not need to apply for Emeritus status again through NASC or CCI.