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I am an RNFA. How do I get certified?

The certification body for RNFAs is the National Assistant at Surgery Certification (NASC). To become certified as an RNFA you must:

  • Be a graduate of an acceptable RNFA program.
  • Hold RN licensure in the state where you are practicing
  • Hold CNOR certification (requirement is waived for Advanced Practice nurses)

NASC offers two RNFA certifications:

  1. RNAS-C 
    In addition to the above eligibility requirements, to apply for RNAS-C you must:


    1. Hold a current CPR, ALS, or BCLS certificate.
    2. Submit a log showing at least 120 intraoperative hours practicing in the RNFA role. (You may use hours practiced during the clinicals of your RNFA program).

Note: RNAS-C is a 3-year certification. If you have recently completed an RNFA program, you may consider applying for RNAS-C now. Then you will be certified for 3 years as you earn the 2,000 hours required for CRNFA certification.

  1. CRNFA
    In addition to the above eligibility requirements, to apply to CRNFA you must:


    1. Hold a bachelor’s degree (in any field) or higher.
    2. Be currently employed as an RNFA.
    3. Submit a log showing at least 2,000 clinical hours practicing in the RNFA role. Hours may include preoperative, intraoperative, and postoperative duties. 

Note: CRNFA is a 5-year certification. If you hold CNOR, your CNOR will automatically be renewed when you earn your CRNFA certification. When you renew your CRNFA, your CNOR will automatically be renewed with no extra expense or effort on your part.

How do I apply for RNFA certification?

NASC currently offers two methods to apply for RNFA certification. You may 1) Download a paper application and return the completed application to NASC by email, fax, or mail OR 2) Complete an application online.

  1. To apply online: Go to the NASC website at . Click the “Login” link at the top of the page. Click the orange “Register as an Applicant” button to create a username and password. Then follow the instructions to complete your  RNAS-C or CRNFA application.
  2. To apply using a paper application: Download the applications and practice hour log for the certification. See the links below:



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  • Daniel Estille says:

    I received an email a few days ago and it mentioned the test for CRNFA was ending. I am about 4 or 5 months away from certifying. The email said the certification would now be by professional portfolio. Is there any place I can find more info about this or can you send me some??? Thanks

    • Julia Johnson says:

      Hi Daniel,
      Thank you for your inquiry. We will be adding information about the professional portfolio to our website as it becomes available. The last day to apply to take the exam is October 31, 2020 and the last day to take the exam is December 31, 2020. When you apply in 4-5 months from now, you will be certifying by portfolio.

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