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Recertification by Contact Hours

Required Contact Hours

The following is a description of eligible activities which may be used to recertify your CRNFA credential by contact hours. The number of contact hours required for recertification is based on the number of clinical practice hours, as outlined in the grid below. Please click here for a list of documents which must be supplied if certificant is audited.

 If you haveYou needThe CHs must be
1,000 clinical practice hours or more200 Contact Hours150 RNFA/Periop Related
Between 500 and 1,000 clinical practice hours300 Contact Hours225 RNFA/Periop Related

Contact hours must be earned through accredited, approved providers and approved topics.

Academic Credit

CRNFAs may use academic credits in partial fulfillment of the requirements for recertification through the contact hour method. One half of the contact hours required for recertification may be earned through academic credits. All academic credits MUST meet the following criteria in order for them to be acceptable for use toward CRNFA recertification. 

Courses must be those that are required for a baccalaureate or higher degree. Although courses must be taken for credit, CRNFAs do not need to be enrolled in a formal degree program at the time the course is taken. To be acceptable, a grade of C or better must be achieved for each course, and courses must be sponsored by an accredited educational institution. 

1 semester hour = 15 contact hours

1 quarter hour = 10 contact hours

CME Credits

CRNFAs may submit Category 1 Continuing Medical Education (CME) units in partial fulfillment of the contact hour requirements. Each CME is worth 1 contact hour. One half (100) of the required number of contact hours may be those earned through CMEs. You are responsible for converting CME credits into contact hours using the ANCC conversion of: 

1 CME credit = 1 contact hour